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TENTORIUM® Company distributes products to all regions of Russia and over 40 countries of the world, including EU member states. We managed to cover such a wide territory thanks to individual approach to each client.

We always reach after a win-win partnership doing business with our clients. If you want to take your business to the next level, if you seek for a reliable partner and a high-quality product – you’ve hit the right spot.

Here is what we offer to our partners.

Basic Offer:

- We carry out small, medium and large wholesale supplies of the products from our warehouse

- We offer high-quality product manufactured at a unique European-standard facility designed and constructed by German engineers

- We deliver the products in due time

- We provide full information on Tentorium® products and product positioning

- We handle customs clearance procedures for export

- We provide documentation and product samples necessary for certification of the products

- We offer flexible financial policy

- A personal client manager who will make our partnership maximum smooth and effective


Optional Extra Services:


We are open to discuss your ideas on our cooperation and any special requirements of yours:


Your private label products manufacturing


Adapting products, product labels and POS materials for your region market 


Producing and/or packaging your products at our facility


Providing logistic and marketing support

Please contact to start a business with us: