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The company

TENTORIUM® Corporate Group is one of the leading processors of beekeeping products in the world and a producer of beauty and health products. Our Company with over 33 years of history and unique product recipes produces and sells highest-quality products made of natural eco-safe raw materials.

We produce a wide range of unique products – food and cosmetic products based on products of beekeeping, which combine a whole complex of natural vitamins and micronutrients that contribute to improving of human health, maintaining of beauty and prolonging of youth. The base of TENTORIUM® products is natural honey, propolis, pollen, royal jelly, beeswax and other bee products. Among our product range you will find nourishing dragees, honey and honey blends, balms, dietary supplements, revitalizing creams and other cosmetic products.

TENTORIUM® has its own apiary and a lab for instrumental fertilization of queen bees.

Samples from each batch, including both, raw materials and finished products, are thoroughly examined at a laboratory, which also grants perfect quality to the final product.

Scientific research and patent rights prove that TENTORIUM® products have a health-promoting effect on the human body.

The Company has over 300 representation offices all over Russia. And we sell products to over 40 countries of the world (including EU member states, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Georgia, Macedonia, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, etc.). 

Raw materials are manufactured and processed at state-of-the-art TENTORIUM RULAND factory processing all known bee products. It was designed and built by Ruland Engineering & Consulting Company, Germany. Special attention is paid to the quality control system based on the HACCP principles. Following these principles, our Company performs incoming control of raw materials, manufacturing process support, and acceptance of finished products by pre-determined parameters.

Products manufactured by TENTORIUM® Group are listed among “Russia’s Top-100 Products every year: “Tentorium-Wellness” Active Complex in 2015; “Bilberry Pollen” and “Royal Jelly with Genistein in Dark Chocolate”; “ERGO Calcium” Dietary Supplement and “TENTORIUM WELLNESS Mineral Water with Propolis” in 2017; and “Venatorium” Leg Gel and Dietary Supplement in 2018. In 2019 our Company won yet another golden medal awarded by the “Apimondia” International Federation of Beekeepers’ Associations for our “Regeneration” Complex Cream with honey bee venom and ROYAL EPIGEN peptide. 

TENTORIUM® Company is continuously cooperating with leading research institutes in Russia and other countries all around the world, including Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution “Federal Research Center for Nutrition, Biotechnology and Food Safety” (formerly known as Research Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences); Russian Chitin Society; Beekeeping Research Institute; CJSC “Bioprogress”; Honey Institute (Rome, Italy); Lüneburg Institute of Sustainable and Environmental Chemistry (Lower Saxony, Germany); and Institute for Bee Research (Germany). Furthermore, our company does independent research and develops our own solutions.

Our factory

The goods are produced at a factory that has no equals. Our facility (located in Russia, Perm; area of 6000 square meters) is the only factory in the world that processes the whole range of beekeeping products on an industrial scale, such as honey, pollen, propolis, bee bread, beeswax, bee venom, bee moth, male-bee homogenate and chitin.

The facility was constructed by German engineers and is the only one in the world that processes the whole range of beekeeping products. The factory has a production capacity of hundreds of tons of products per year, and works according to ISO and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)  world standard principles which allows provide products of highest quality.

«The goods are produced at a factory that has no equals...»


Our philosophy

Rail Khismatullin, President and Founder of the Company built TENTORIUM® from scratch. TENTORIUM® has become more than just a company for thousands of people. For many people around the world, TENTORIUM® is a unique opportunity to improve their financial status, health, meet new friends, be a part of a Family, find likeminded people, fulfill ones’ creative, professional and career potentials.

“Fair business is my philosophy,” Mr. Khismatullin says. If he promises something, he will keep his word for sure. Amazing sociability and good attitude to everyone around made him a good friend to many people. He really appreciates friendship and is able to discover people from their best sides.

The Company provides over 600 jobs. TENTORIUM® has its own R&D Department with an experienced team of talented PhDs and Doctors of Science, creators and developers of new technologies who create new products.

TENTORIUM® promotes the philosophy of Wellness – a concept of healthy lifestyle, so popular all around the world now.

“TENTORIUM® offers opportunities that allow hundreds of thousands of people become healthier and happier. The main asset of TENTORIUM® and a solid foundation which our company stands on is the unique product and our clients.

Corporate values of TENTORIUM® are based on giving people real opportunities to achieve higher standards of living, assistance in organizing their own business, introduction of bee products to people and the active promotion of healthy lifestyle.

“TENTORIUM® offers opportunities that allow hundreds of thousands of people to grow and prosper together with the company. The main asset of TENTORIUM® – a solid foundation which our company stands on – is people and the unique product. The company’s logo symbolizes the bee that unites the full range of TENTORIUM® values.

Six sides of honeycomb represent the six main values of TENTORIUM®:

1. People

TENTORIUM® is people first of all! These are our customers, distributors, business partners, employees of the company and service centres. It is people that have always been and will be the main value of the company.

2. Self-realization

For some people self-realization is the leadership and the creation of a successful team of like-minded people, for others – a career, for the third – running a large organization, for the fourth – the opportunity to be a mentor and help others. In TENTORIUM® you will find what you have been looking for! The company provides opportunities for the disclosure of potential inherent in each of us. Those who have never wrote poetry begin to write, those who never painted – paint pictures. Our colleagues sing, dance, travel and enjoy life! In TENTORIUM® everything is possible!

3. Respect

TENTORIUM® is constantly evolving, we provide hundreds of thousands of jobs. We help others feel their importance! Today the Independent Entrepreneur of TENTORIUM® is a respected profession! The company treats the distributors, customers and business partners with great respect and attention. The Independent Entrepreneurs of TENTORIUM® and consumers are the most important asset of the company!

4. Well-being

The well-being is not just financial wealth. It is a condition of the person feeling the “goodness” around: love and respect in the family, the harmony in the soul, material welfare in your home and the joy of communicating with friends. TENTORIUM® will give you this opportunity!

5. Health

TENTORIUM® strives for the improvement of people’s health, takes care that business partners and customers of the company improve the quality of life and their health and achieve harmony of body and spirit. We see to young people to be always active, vigorous and energetic, and to those who are older to prolong active longevity!

6. The security and confidence in the future

TENTORIUM® business is a reliable business. Intelligent distribution used in TENTORIUM® is a legal business, as the business partners receive revenues from selling products bringing real benefits to the people.

In TENTORIUM® you are planning your day and build your business yourself! And what is most important – determine the value of the earnings! Being with us you can be confident in the future because the company provides an opportunity to work and earn money, even if you are retired, and exercises the right of business inheritance.

President and Founder of the Company

Rail Khismatullin is an amazing person. A wise man once said, “Everything is in our hands. We are responsible for our destiny”.

The life and destiny of Rail Khismatullin is a vivid example: he has managed not only to overcome the difficulties, but also to turn the vector of his life for the better!

Today Rail Khismatullin is President and Founder of the large company that has extended outside the country. He built “Tentorium” from the single hive. Now it is more than just a company. It is Tentorium country for hundreds of thousands of people. For many people around the world “Tentorium” is an opportunity to improve the financial situation, to maintain and improve their health, to acquire a family, friends, associates, realize themselves in a creative, professional and career aspects.

The most advanced technologies, new creative ideas always attract attention of Rail Khismatullin, he seeks to use them for the benefit and development of our company. Despite the fact that he works hard there is always space for creativity.

Rail Khismatullin sings heartfully, plays the guitar and he is always aware of the innovations in the field of literature and cinema. He is the initiator of many scientific expeditions in which he is pleased to participate along with the distributors of “Tentorium” and brings a lot of great ideas and discoveries that are so necessary for the successful development of “Tentorium”. Despite frequent business trips to other countries Rail truly loves and appreciates the nature of his native country, thrives in the quiet of the forest or on the riverbank. He is sure that the truth is easy and pleasant. “True is the main trump card in the affairs” – says Rail Khismatullin. If he promises something he will surely keep his word.

Amazing sociability and kindness to people have provided Rail with a lot of good friends and acquaintances including many celebrities. Rail Khismatullin appreciates friendship and can see people in their best sides. President and Founder of “Tentorium” has an infinite belief in the product and brings this belief to the people, inspires the people around with his optimism, the energy of life, liberty, health and love. He never rests on his oars, he always learns and discovers new borders of the infinite world for himself and the company. All the achievements of President and Founder of “Tentorium” are duly appreciated, he is the holder of numerous awards and titles.

Today, as it was before, Rail Khismatullin aims to bring health to people and whenever help them to overcome the difficulties of life, just like he managed to overcome them thanks to the bee products and faith in his own strength.